You need a website – we are always at your service!

We have been developing websites for over 15 years and work according to our own system with an individual approach to each client.

We develop wide rage of websites: from simple, one-page business card websites to large corporate ones.

So, what are your benefits from ordering a website just from us?

  1.  After receiving a ready website, you will not have to pay for future maintenance of it (changing, adding information, etc.). We develop websites using such management systems (CMS) that allow any user to maintain it independently for an unlimited time.
  2.  Also, with the finished website, the client is provided with detailed and visual instructions that allow him to quickly master all the website management operations.
  3. For each website we develop and individual design which will most fully and vividly present the client’s business on the Internet.
  4. If necessary, the website can be made in several languages, and it will not be a miserable and tongue-tied translation from machine translators, our professional translators with extensive experience always make the translation with the highest quality. They will translate the text of your website pages so that they are easy to read in any language.
  5. Also, if you need to register a domain name, find a reliable and inexpensive provider to host your site - we are always ready to help you and give you recommendations  free of charge. 

I think, this is quite enough

And now - a few examples of our work

Website of a large research and production company "Global STH Technology" - in three languages (Russian, English, Polish)

Personal website of masters involved in military-historical miniatures with a large catalog of their works and other articles and reports - in two languages (Russian, English)

Historical and biographical site about Russian generals and admirals of the Napoleonic Wars period with a large number of articles and illustrations (in English) 

Website of the “Kennel Club “Belogorye” (BROO “KK “Belogorye”) (in Russian)

And, of course, here you can see are our rates.


WEBSITE TYPE Price (rub.)
Business card website (single-page) in Russian   from 3,000
Business card website (simple site, 3 sections) (Russian language)   from 5,000
Business card website (simple site, 3 sections) (Russian and English languages) from 7,000
Information website (up to 10 sections, including information about the company, its services, products, price lists, etc.) in Russian from 10,000
Information website (Russian + English version) from 12,000
Corporate website (over 10 sections, possibility to publish price lists, order forms etc.) in Russian from 15,000
Corporate website (Russian + English version) from 20,000
Online store in Russian from 25,000
Online store  (Russian + English version) from 35,000

Contacts for ordering.

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