The Programmist company offers you the services of professional translators with experience of more than 20 years.  

The Programmist company has been in translation business since 1992 and has regular customers both in Russia and in the USA, Canada, Singapore and other countries.

The Programmist company provides:

  • high quality translations made by translators that are professionally qualified, native speakers and specialists in the area of the material they translate;
  • confidentiality;
  • guaranteed timely delivery by e-mail;
  • he most competitive prices.

The Programmist company is always ready for co-operation with you.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our services, the real professional services.

The Programmist Company is open to discuss all technical issues, including the most competitive price solution.

The Programmist Company uses the system of double control for increasing the quality of translations:

  • every translation is made by a translator that is both an excellent linguist and a professional in the area of the material of translation;
  • all completed translations are reviewed by another skilled specialist in the same area.
Our Areas Of Specialization.

1. Technical Documentation

For a long time our company works in technical documentation translations. Our main areas of specialization are:

  • mechanical engineering;
  • metallurgy;
  • electrical engineering and electronics;
  • oil-and-gas equipment;
  • construction equipment;
  • control equipment;
  • medical equpment.
2. IT Solutions

    Our company has a big experience in tranlsation of documentation (manuals, books) connected with information technologies. The main big translation projects we participated in are co-operation with such clients as the Compex Company from Singapore: all equipment for wireless networs is completed with documentation translated into Russian by us, also we can name such our big regular clients as RDTECH Publishing House, Moscow, Russia, we translated all documentation for the new release of the DMBS Oracle for the special order of the Gazprom Company.

And besides this of course we have many different clients in Russia, European countries, USA, Canada, Singapore and China.

3. Websites and Software Localization 

    Our company is also engaged in the software and websites localization. Main languages are: Russian, English and Polish. As an example of our work, we suggest you  to visit the following websites::

4. Business Documentation

    Our company offers translation of a wide range of business documents. Such documents as business correspondence, commercial offers, contracts, tender documentation. While translation of different documents we always take care of special way of making papers in the target country.

We translated tender oil-and-gas documentation for several leading Canada companies, ITB issuance for oilfield development for a government department of Republic of Afghanistan, and also we made translations of many kinds of other business documentation.

5. Historical Materials

    Besides technical translation our company also offers translation of different historical texts, documents, books. We translated many scientific, genealogical, military historical and other materials

          It is often necessary to transcribe and translate handwritten texts in old Russian grammar or in Old Slavic language. We offer such services too. One our last and most interesting works is transcribing and translating into English a part of a vestry book of the period of Tsar Alexey Michailovich reign (XVII century).


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