Historical Translations


          Besides technical translation our company also offers translation of different historical texts, documents, books. We translated many scientific, genealogical, military historical and other materials.

         Except translations we have also our own publications. So about ten years ago we created a website in English about Russian generals and naval commanders of the Napoleonic wars period.

          It is notable that this website is popular in the English-speaking part of the Internet and almost every day we get e-mails from many countries from descendants of Russian generals and officers moved from Russia during the revolution of 1917. And sometimes we have not only to translate some materials: so we helped descendants of General Raevsky to find their relatives in St.Petersburg, Russia, helped descendants of Field-Marshal Kutuzov to find some genealogical information that was possible to find only in Russia. Also descendants of Denis Davydov and other generals and officers asked us for help.

          It is often necessary to transcribe and translate handwritten texts in old Russian grammar or in Old Slavic language. We offer such services too. One our last and most interesting works is transcribing and translating into English a part of a vestry book of the period of Tsar Alexey Michailovich reign (XVII century.