Translation Services


Programmist Company offers you a wide variety of translation services.

Programmist Company is located in Belgorod, Russia.
The company has been in translation business since 1992 and has regular customers both in Russia and in the USA, Canada, Singapore and other countries.

Programmist Company has a small but dedicated team of professionals. We all are Russian native speakers. This is the most important reason why we do translations only into Russian or from Russian.

Programmist Company provides :

  • high quality translations made by translators that are professionally qualified, native speakers and specialists in the area of the material they translate;
  • confidentiality;
  • guaranteed timely delivery by e-mail;
  • the most competitive prices.

Programmist Company is always ready for co-operation with you.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our services, the real professional services.

И, более того, мы всегда готовы обсудить с Вами все технические вопросы будущего сотрудничества, включая наиболее взаимоприемлемую ценовую политику.

Programmist Company is open to discuss all technical issues, including the most competitive price solution.

Programmist Company uses the system of double control for increasing the quality of translations:

  1. every translation is made by a translator that is both an excellent linguist and a professional in the area of the material of translation;
  2. all finalized translations are reviewed by another skilled specialist in the same area.

Quality is our watchword